Q&A: Pier Pavilion Project

Will it happen?
Many people are working tirelessly to ensure that we secure the remaining funded needed by the Autumn so that it does happen. We want to have a decision to go ahead by the end of the year. We are due to submit the second and fin al  round to Heritage Lottery at the end of this year and will by then if the project has had Welsh Assembly backing through the Community Asset Transfer scheme

What if that doesn’t happen?
We keep working until we have the funding that we need to transform this wonderful building and provide a much-needed community resource.

When will it open?
We want work to start in summer 2011 and we hope to open the Pavilion in spring 2012. We’re really hoping that this iconic Welsh building will celebrate it’s official opening on St David’s Day in that year. There’s a lot of work needed before the work of restoration begins.

Who owns the building?
The Vale of Glamorgan Council owns both the Pier and the Pavilion.

Who will pay for it?
The renovation will be funded from a variety of sources including the main funder, Heritage Lottery, the Vale of Glamorgan Council, private and public funding as well as a grant which we hope to receive from the Big Lottery
We are also actively seeking support from the local community and are looking for ways in which they too can donate to the renovation of this much loved building.

Who will be responsible for running it?
Penarth Arts and Crafts Limited, the not for profit organization and charity which runs and manages the popular Washington Gallery will be responsible for the running of the building.

What will be in the building?
There will be a variety of component parts to the finished building including a restaurant/bar, a visitor and heritage/maritime/learning centre, a maritime museum, function/meeting rooms, a multi-purpose arena, an observation tower, an auditorium/cinema and a Café.

Will the upkeep be expensive?
The architects and designers will ensure that the maintenance and upkeep will be minimal both in terms of time and money!

What about the environment?
The architects and designers will ensure that the renovation uses environmentally sound building materials and practices and there will be lots of emphasis in the learning plan on being green

Will I have to pay to get in?
Entrance to the Pavilion and most component parts will be completely free of charge. There will be occasions such as charity events and concerts & recitals where tickets are sold to cover the cost of running of the event.

Is the Pier in a fit state?
The Vale of Glamorgan Council, who own the Pier, tell us that the £1 million that was spent on renovating the Pier has ensured that it’s in good shape.

Who will run the restaurant, bar and café?

There will be a tendering process to strict criteria which will be in keeping with the high standards that we have set for the building. This will ensure that the Pavilion gets the best possible facilities, which can
be enjoyed by everyone.

If you would like to get involved with the Pavilion Project, please contact the gallery.

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